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Further details

We want to make sure we provide scientific and current accounts of what is happening in the UK and beyond around these themes that concern women of all ages. From sexual health to contraception to fertility to ethical decisions, this website strives to give you information on what it means to be a woman at every stage of life. We will focus on British news and current events but will report any international stories and academic findings that we think can have a positive impact for women living in Britain.

What is Sexual Health?


The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines sexual health as being not only a state of physical well-being and absence of infections, but a state of encompassing well-being with regards to sexual experiences. These aspects include social, emotional, mental and obviously biological/physical well-being. No one should feel abused or coerced; rather, sexual experience should be pleasurable and the individuals should always feel that their rights are being respected. For more information on this definition, please feel free to visit: http://www.who.int/reproductivehealth/topics/sexual_health/sh_definitions/en/

 What is Fertility?

Fertility is a word describing the ability to yield progeny. In the case of humans, it regards the possibility of having children. For a woman, this may be a very important aspect of sexual health. As women can make the decision to procreate or not, fertility can become an element that women might want to monitor and protect, though all women have the right to decide not to want any children.

Physical sexual health for a woman becomes a very important aspect if she does decide that she would like to try to have biological children. One way of making sure fertility levels are as high as possible is to check and monitor sexual health with sexual health tests. These tests would look at sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and any other infections and problems that might compromise a woman’s fertility.

Usage of this website

Please feel free to browse the website to acquire new information on these health topics. However, please know that this website cannot be used in any way as an alternative to visiting your GP. Rather, you may get information and discuss with your GP any concerns or questions you have on any of the issues, news and descriptions discussed here. Please see this website as a starting point to achieving good sexual health and monitoring fertility, not as a generator of solutions for your personal problems. This is because we cannot provide any medical advice and each single case is different from the other and hence must be assessed by a professionally qualified doctor.